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Scholarship description

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to compare your financial aid offers to the offers that other students like you have received? If you could, you could leverage that information to help negotiate a better financial aid offer from the college you hope to attend! Now you can, with!

TuitionFit and ScholarshipOwl feel it is so important to KNOW YOUR WORTH when considering which college to attend. That’s why they are teaming up to offer the amazing $10,000 “Know Your Worth No Essay Scholarship!”

Recent winners

Michelle S.

Michelle S.


I started this scholarship application with hope and stars in my eyes. After months of not seeing any return on my efforts, my vision for the future started to fade into obscurity. I experienced a momentary pick-me-up when I followed TuitionFit's advise and appealed for more financial aid from my colleges of choice. However, the blaring $90,000 required to complete 3 years of tech school started to crush my dreams. Scholarship Owl called me today and gave me the great news that I was selected as a winner for this Know Your Worth scholarship from TuitionFit. My first semester is now covered thanks to the additional school awarded financial aid and this scholarship. I can do this. This dream can become reality. Thank you ScholarshipOwl for this amazing opportunity.